Please Read Before Your Surgery

Information to Read Prior to your Operation

CLINIC ROOMYou will be seen in clinic to discuss the need for surgery, the options for treatment available to you, and the risks and benefits. Ensure all you feel comfortable that all your questions have been answered and you understand the risks and benefits. We will try to have a tentative surgical date for you prior to leaving the office, however this can change if someone with a life threatening illness requires that date. We will call you 1-2 weeks before your surgery to confirm the date.

PT registrationYOU MUST call our office between 2pm and 4pm on the day prior to your surgery to find out when to arrive at the hospital. This is usually a ew hours prior to the actual operation time. You will check in at the requested time at patient registration on the main floor.


FOR DAYCARE SURGERY (not staying overnight):

You will go to the hospital lab 1 week prior to your operation to do the necessary blood work (this requisition will be given to you when your urgery is booked at the office). The LAB is on the Main floor of the RMH and is open from 0800 to 1600hr weekdays and 0930 to 1230 on Saturdays.



You will be contacted by the hospital to arrange a visit to the Pre-Admission Clinic 1-2 weeks before your surgery date. Your blood work will be taken at that time. BRING ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS WITH YOU!! If necessary a meeting with the Anesthetist will be arrange prior to your surgery as well.

Ensure you have a family or friend to pick you up and take you home  after surgery. You may also need assistance once home from a friend or family member.

UG_2013-27From patient registration you will be directed to the Preoperative waiting area on the 3RD FLOOR. Here you will wait until it is your time to be taken down to the operating room holding area. In the preoperative holding area, the anesthetist and myself with meet you and answer any questions. You will then be taken to the Operating room. A family member or friend can be waiting in the seating area outside the OR if they would like me to come and speak to them immediately after surgery.

UG_2013-21Once you have woken up and are doing well in the Post Anesthetic area (about 1-2hr) you will be taken up to the day-care area on the 3rd floor. You will be given further instructions on postoperative care and you will be discharged home. If you are staying overnight you will be taken to 3 West Surgical Ward.