For Patients

Prostate Cancer

Working together to give you the quick, optimal care you want

  1. Rising PSA

  2. Prostate Biopsy

  3. Open Radical Prostatectomy





Prostate Disease

Utilizing the best technology to treat BPH

  1. Benign prostatic Hypertrophy

  2. TURP handout

  3. Greenlight XPS handout






Bladder Cancer

Proving long-term care and attention that optimizes bladder preserving treatments

  1. Hematuria

  2. Bladder Cancer

  3. TURBT handout





Laparoscopic cancer surgery

Offering you a minimally invasive approach to get you back on your feet faster with less discomfort

  1. Lap Nephrectomy







Kidney Stones

Providing fast relief of renal colic with state of the art technology

  1. General Kidney Stones

  2. Preventing Kidney Stones

  3. How to remove your stent






Quick and effective method of permanent contraception through a no-scalpel technique

  1. Vasectomy

  2. Vasectomy Dischange Instructions






Vasectomy Reversal

Offering a microscopic two-layer technique to provide high rates of success

Vasovasostomy: Vasectomy Reversal Handout







Men’s Health

Taking care of all aspects of you evolving needs

  1. Scrotal Surgery

  2. Erectile Dysfunction

  3. Late onset Androgen Deficiency